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18 April 2022
Manage your mortgage & finances, well, anywhere...

We have launched our new client portal, allowing our clients to manage their mortgage and finances all in one place, so they can manage it from a place that suits their lifestyle. It also provides secure messaging and document sharing so that our clients have peace of mind that all of their personal information is given the utmost protection in an increasingly data sensitive world.

Check out a few of the key features of our portal!

Submitting details from comfort of your own home

To arrange a mortgage, you need to provide quite a bit of information which can take a while to gather. This allows your adviser to find a mortgage to suit your circumstances and for the lender to fully assess your affordability.

With the portal, you can now do this from home, so by the time you see your adviser they already have some options ready for you, making the whole process much more streamlined for you.


Secure messaging direct to your adviser

In an age where electronic scams targeting home movers is more common than ever, it is important for you to know with confidence that you are communicating directly with your adviser and not anyone else. 

Through the portal, you can have peace of mind that, unlike normal emails, all messages are secure and can only be sent by those involved in the transaction. This means that all messages you you receive will be from us.


Securely upload sensitive documents

Sending sensitive documents over email is not safe and secure. With our portal, you can upload documents directly from your computer, phone or tablet to your adviser so you can be sure that it gets where it needs to go to ensure there are no delays in arranging your mortgage.


Keep your insurance and mortgage details all in one place

The portal also provides you with a secure document store where you can safely keep important finance documents, such as insurance policies and mortgage deeds all in one place. This means that you know exactly where it is when you need it. 


Budget Planner

The portal provides you with access to your own budget planner, to assist you in planning the family finances so that you know exactly what is coming in and going out each month.


To find out more about our new portal, speak to your adviser on 01904 435 185.


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